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American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card Review

Jan 26, 2024 By Triston Martin

Annual Purchases Up to $50,000 Will Earn Decent Rewards This card can appeal to business owners searching for a card with somewhat profitable rewards—Amex Membership Rewards points per dollar spent—on all transactions. According to Investopedia, the average value of those points when used for travel booked through Amex and redeemed at is one cent per point.Different Membership Rewards airline and hotel transfer partners may sometimes establish higher point redemption values. Competitor cards may be less valuable, could only offer the best benefits in a small number of categories, or could do both.

Spend More Than Your Credit Limit

With this card, you have some flexibility to go over your credit limit occasionally. If you exceed your spending limit, you will still earn Membership Rewards points without being penalized or having to enlist. How much you can spend above your credit limit depends on various criteria, including your payment history, credit score, accessible resources, and more. To avoid paying interest, you must pay off any purchases that go over your credit limit in full before the end of the payment cycle, just like you would with any other credit card expenditures.

Depending On Creditworthiness

Purchases are subject to an immediate start 12-month promotional 0% APR rate duration. It's uncommon to get an offer for brand-new purchases with business cards without an annual fee, giving a business a useful cash flow break and a chance to lower interest rates. The continuous purchase APR, which ranges from 15.49% to 23.49% depending on creditworthiness after the 0% APR period expires, is lower than for many other business cards, which is another advantage.

Spending Cap for 2 Points Per Dollar Rewards

Although this card offers a significant 2 marks for every $1 awarded rate, It only applies to business transactions totaling the first $50,000. The restriction may not be a problem for single proprietorships or businesses with only one or two employees, but larger businesses may wish to look into other cards.

Lack of Travel Perks

Besides two features—secondary car rental insurance and a global assistance hotline*—this card offers few travel-related benefits. Even if that is not extraordinary for a free business card, it should be noticed for business owners who frequently travel.

Each card has a different range of perks and eligibility.

Terms, Conditions, and Restrictions Apply. Please visit for further details. Card Members are responsible for paying any fees incurred by outside service providers.

Having A Company

The Blue Business® Plus card is ideal for small enterprises that make a variety of monthly expenditures in various dollar amounts. The priority works well with this card's single rewards rate, even if it has an annual cap, and the second priority works well with its variable credit limit, which increases to accommodate more spending even for only one billing cycle without incurring interest fees.

Anticipate Making Significant

The card may be alluring to businesses with debt on another high-interest card or who anticipate making significant purchases soon. The Blue Business Plus has a 12-month promotional APR of 0% in addition to an ongoing APR that is similarly low once the offer has expired. Additionally, after spending $3,000 in the first three months following activation, it awards 15,000 Membership Rewards points.

Information on Earning Rewards

With this card, up to a maximum of $50,000 annually, you can earn two points for every dollar spent on authorized business transactions. A point is awarded for each purchase made after the $50,000 spending limit.

When you spend $3,000 in the first three months as a new member, you'll also receive a bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards. One Membership Rewards point is now worth 1.19 cents.

Information on Reward Redeeming

You may use American Express to redeem the Membership Rewards points you accumulate with this card in various ways. According to both Amex and our calculations, each point is worth one cent when booking travel through American Express. You can also purchase gift cards with points that are worth up to one cent each, depending on the store whose card you select.

Alternative approaches often provide less value. At checkout counters like those at Amazon, BestBuy, and other stores, you can utilize points, typically worth 0.7 cents apiece, or you can pay 0.6 cents per point to remove charges from your account statement.

How to Maximize Your Advantages

To take full advantage of the 2 points per dollar spent rewards program, use the Blue Business® Plus card for all of your business-related purchases.

You will receive 100,000 Membership Rewards points after you reach the $50,000 annual spending threshold for 2-points-per-dollar rewards, which we value at $1,000 when used to book travel with Amex. You can use the card for further expenses if your budget allows, but you will only receive 1 point for every dollar you spend.

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